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Covent Garden is ready with intriguing cafés and diners catering for each taste and vibe. What’s more, presently there is Pivot by Mark Greenaway, where you can get into British gastronomy and a most brilliant Sunday Roast in a comfortable and quiet climate. The dividers are consumed orange lit up by crazy fine art, while the floors and tables are dull wood.

Strangely Mark Greenaway, a brought up Scotsman, conceded that he had never eaten in an eatery before he landed his most memorable position preparing to be a cook. By the by, he has accomplished extraordinary levels opening his most memorable eatery, the honor winning café, Restaurant Mark Greenaway in 2013 and afterward his second, Grazing by Mark Greenaway in 2017. Both are situated in Edinburgh. You might know him from his appearances in The Great British Menu narrative series and BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen Live.

His freshest endeavor Pivot opened in 2021. It’s a little, comfortable space, with just 20 or so covers, situated on the third floor of a beguiling 5-story condo called 3Henrietta St and accompanies sees over Covent Garden’s focal diversion square. The food is a cutting edge take on British gastronomy with a menu that changes month to month.

We visited however to attempt Mark Greenaways’ Sunday broil.

The Sunday Roast
The Sunday cook menu comprises of only 3 principal dishes. A Roast Beef or Lamb, Cod Filet or Baked eggplant. It’s presented with Yorkshire puddings, sauce and meal potatoes.

Two in our party picked the meal sheep and gobbled up it with fervor. The meat was delicious, the Yorkshire puddings essentially great and the dish potatoes were fresh outwardly and brilliantly delicate within. I picked the steamed cod filet which accompanied a parsley margarine sauce. (Primary dishes are £21.00).

There are only two sweets, the banana Pavlova and a tacky toffee pudding (£7.00).