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It’s a great opportunity to be a wine consumer in Perth. Eatery wine records have never been bolder or more different; burger fans can crush glasses of skin-contact chenin blanc and chilled reds at chose Short Order Burger Co and Hoodburger stations; and wine bar numbers keep on developing with big shots, for example, Casa, Petition Wine Merchant and previous GT Bar of the Year Wines of While leading the development out west.

The most current individual from this grape-cherishing crew is Bar Rogue, a comfortable, split-level space opened in December by Sarah and Liam Atkinson of Le Rebelle popularity. Banquettes and other couple-accommodating settings rule the ground floor: a Tinder area of interest in pausing. Bunches gather on the mezzanine where they’ll track down huge tables, the semi-open kitchen, in addition to an outlined highly contrasting photograph of Meatloaf (the late vocalist, not the dish). While there’s no meatloaf on the menu, there is a fine duck scotch egg made with merguez-flavored sheep. Crunchy, tasty and nostalgic, it’s a fine notice for Bar Rogue’s max speed way of nibbling. Albeit fresh shelled lobster “tacos”, flavored tofu curry puffs and the previously mentioned scotch egg function as dinners for one, Bar Rogue’s menu is best handled with buddies, particularly buddies that smash on Asian flavors however much head culinary specialist Sofika Boulton does.

Meat short ribs cut LA-style across the bone are marinated Korean-style and barbecued in a Big Green Egg to deliver cow of satisfying flavor and bite. Betel leaf packages of smoked shellfish and cured rockmelon draw all the while on the universes of Thai cooking and Tim Burton. (The Siamese call this miang: here it’s “Beteljuice! Beteljuice! Beteljuice!”) Hunks of cool, boneless seared chicken with a fragrant yuzu sauce bring the phantoms of lemon chicken past. Eating extras straight out the refrigerator never felt so bougie, not least since Bar Rogue’s rendition accompanies fromage blanc and caviar, in addition to the bar’s liquor determination – underneath the-radar wines from around the world, creative mixed drinks, Aussie lagers – is loaded with interest.Now calculate a crew of front-of-house experts and you’re taking a gander at a cleaned rookie whose appearance guarantees beneficial things for both wine fans and the Beaufort Street region.

Things along this ghetto avenue feel like they’re getting as late appearances (Si Paradiso, Le Rebelle) join prepared campaigners (El Publico, Mary Street Bakery) in their main goal to propel the nearby food and drink conversation. Is Perth going to observe the resurrection of a cherished region? It’s too soon to tell, so watch this space. We know a phenomenal new location to do this watching from.

Bar Rogue
2/515 Beaufort St, Highgate, WA
Chef: Sofika Boulton
Opening hours : Thu-Sat 4pm-11pm, Sun 2pm-10pm
Price guide: $$